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Radio Something with Valerie Richardson

Original Aired:
Tuesday, July 27th, 2021
4:00PM to 6:55PM

2 hours, 55 minutes

Tuesday, July 27th, 2021 4:02PM

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Episode: Radio Something with Valerie Richardson

4:02 PM Melissa Carper "Makin' Memories" from Daddy's Country Gold 2021 on Mae Music
4:09 PM Jake Xerxes Fussell "Have You Ever Seen Peaches Growing on a Sweet Potato Vine?" from Have You Ever Seen Peaches Growing on a Sweet Potato Vine? 2017 on Paradise of Bachelors
4:15 PM Guy Clark "Picasso's Mandolin" from Boats To Build 2005 on Nonesuch. Genre: World

4:20 PM Agnes Obel "Island of Doom" from Live from Brooklyn (EP) 2021
4:26 PM Marion Rampal "À la mer" from Main Blue 2016 on E-Motive Records
4:30 PM This Is The Kit "Recommencer" from Recommencer 2021 on MERLIN - Rough Trade
4:34 PM Mabe Fratti "Nadie Sabe" from Nadie Sabe 2021 on Unheard Of Hope

4:43 PM Delta Haints "Cars Hiss by My Window (Single)" from Cars Hiss by My Window 2021 on Lunch Records
4:47 PM Robert Finley "Souled Out On You" from Souled Out On You 2021 on UMG - Easy Eye Sound
4:51 PM Xenia Rubinos "Cógelo Suave" from Cógelo Suave 2021 on MERLIN - Anti/Epitaph
4:54 PM Laura Mvula "Got Me" from Got Me 2021 on WMG - Flamingo Records Limited
4:58 PM La Chiva Gantiva "Cosmeticos" from Pelao 2011 on Crammed Discs. Genre: World

5:09 PM Cindy Kallet "Wings to Fly (Crow)" from Working on Wings to Fly 1981 on Folk-Legacy Records
5:11 PM James Blount "Where Did You Sleep Last Night" from Spider Tales 2020 on Free Dirt Records
5:16 PM Jacques Pellan "
5:20 PM Syd Straw "Floaty Wafter" from Pink Velour 2008 on Earnester Records

Jacqes Pellon
5:29 PM Katell Keineg "Summer Loving Song" from At The Mermaid Parade 2010 on STZ

5:35 PM Marinah;La Dame Blanche "Noche de Plata" from Noche de Plata 2021 on Nacional Records
5:38 PM Hiatus Kaiyote "Red Room" from Red Room 2021 on MERLIN - Brainfeeder
5:42 PM Jay-Jay Johanson "Cheetah" from Rorschach Test 2021 on BELIEVE - Licence Kuroneko/29 Music

5:52 PM Aoife O'Donovan "More Than We Know" from More Than We Know 2021 on MERLIN - Yep Roc Records
5:55 PM Barbara Keith "Detroit Or Buffalo" from Barbara Keith 2005 on Rhino/Warner Bros.. Genre: Rock
6:03 PM Christine Salem "Tyinbo" from Mersi 2021 on Blue Fanal
6:06 PM Funkadelic "Can You Get to That" from Maggot Brain 2005 on Westbound Records Inc.

6:12 PM Mercy Choir "Fiddler in the North" from Kitchen Knife Collection 2021 on Dead Language Records
6:20 PM Adeline "Café Au Lait" from Adeline 2018 on 900284 Records DK2
6:39 PM Michael Franti & Spearhead "Good Day for a Good Day" from Good Day for a Good Day 2021 on Boo Boo Wax
6:42 PM Ben Harper, Ziggy Marley "Spin It Faster" from Spin It Faster 2021 on Mad Bunny Records
6:46 PM Café Tacvba "Olor A Gas" from Vale Callampa 2002 on MCA. Genre: World

Show: Radio Something with Valerie Richardson

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