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Love & Communication

Original Aired:
Friday, December 21st, 2018
10:00PM to 2:00AM

4 hours

Friday, December 21st, 2018 10:00PM

music new indie alternative


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Episode: Michelle Morgan -- Love and Communication

1. Maneater, Alaskalaska

2. Everything Apart, Foxwarren

3. 21, Samia

4. Special Snowflakes, Pile

5. Fine, Neighbor Lady

6. Song of Wood, Richard Reed Parry

7. Dark Circles, Bambara

8. Juno, Choker

9. Color in Your Cheeks, Ibibio Sound Machine

10. Rabid Bits of Time, Chad VanGaalen

11. 4th Amendment, Briana Marela

12. Loud Patterns, Makeness

13. Fictional Decision, Drahla

14. Jaipur, Mr. Twin Sister

15. Maggot, Slutever

16. Late to the Fight, LUMP, Laura Marling

17. Donnie Darko, Let's Eat Grandma

18. Ruby, Dave Rawlings Machine

19. In My View, Young Fathers

20. Fee Fi, Young Fathers

21. Bachelorette, Bjork

22. Jupiter 4, Sharon Van Etten

23. Colorado, The Brother Brothers

24. Hot Blur, How Sad

25. I Wanna Be Adored, The Stone Roses

26. The Sun Keeps on Shining, rogov

27. Happy Kitten, Rose Droll

28. Boy Bruise, Rose Droll

29. Territorial Pissings, Cherry Glazerr

30. Brainfuck, Barbara Morgensten

31. Fire, Anna St. Louis

32. Blue Again, Weakened Friends

33. Nothing More, Guards

34. Changes, Charles Bradley

35. White Smoke, Manatee Commune

36. Are You With Me Now? Cate le Bon

37. Wait, M83

38. Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds (feat. Miley Cyrus), The Flaming Lips

39. You Can Make Me Feel Bad, Phosphorescent

40. Callous, Sasami

41. The Eye, Empath

42. Disappearing Heart, Lily & Madeleine

43. Doctor My Own Patience, Serengeti, Sicker Man

44. WTFK, Yowler

45. Left's Got a Power Right Hasn't, Liars

46. Green Bus, The Innocence Mission

47. Whatever We Did Last Night, Alex Ebert

48. Be Released, Virginia Wing

49. Rear View, Gabby's World

50. Cloudy Skies, TOPS

51. Before We Were Together, Margaret Glaspy



Show: Love & Communication

Primarily Indie/Alternative/Americana/Dream-Pop/Folk-Pop/Folk/Punk/Post-Punk and Queer/POC/Women singers and musicians, but you'll never know for sure what I'll throw in the mix.

The name of my show comes from Cat Power


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