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Saturday, August 29th, 2015
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Saturday, August 29th, 2015 11:00AM

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Episode: Live Culture :Episode 6 with Martha Willette Lewis

Poise and Cooperation:
This month I follow up on what's happening with the closing of the John Slade Ely house in New Haven with Jeanne Criscola and Ron Pacacha, members of Friends of the John Slade Ely House (JSEH) who are organizing the efforts to save the art center form being sold. keep up with their progress here: 


I am in discussion with Tristan Nielsen, a young circus artist who recently performed in New York as a part of Sequence 8,to find out about his rising career and the daily life of an acrobat. Circus acts are enjoying a renaissance and often blur genre boundaries, blending aspects of cabaret, dance, magic, Broadway theater into unique spectaculars. Cirque du Soleil with their acts in Las Vegas have whetted the public's appetite for such performances and have raised the bar in terms of artistry. Tristan is a part of a new generation of performers taking this most ancient art to new heights. I spoke with Tristan on the first day of his performance with Midnight Circus, which is currently taking place in parks around Chicago- more can be found here: midnightcircus.net/

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Live Culture is a discussion of ideas in and around contemporary art, with monthly themes and guests. Join host Martha Willette Lewis on the last Saturday of every month from 11am - 12 noon for an engrossing hour of talk and music.

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