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The A-List

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Monday, July 6th, 2020
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Monday, July 6th, 2020 2:06AM

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Episode: The A List with Sam Hopkins

 voodoo child (slight return)

star stangled banner- jimi hendrix (live at woodstock)

yesternow (exerpt)- miles davis (tribute to jack johnson)

frederick douglass what to the slave is the 4th of july- recited by james earl jones

it's about that time (wednesday)- miles davis (at the filmore)

exerpt from eulogy for medgar evers- t.r.m. howard

400 years- the wailers (soul rebels)

the shitstem- peter tosh interview 

equal rights- peter tosh (equal rights)

bitches brew (saturday)- miles davis (at the filmore)

war- bob marley and the wailers (rastaman vibrations)

 an artist duty- nina simone interview

baltimore - nina simone (baltimore)

mississippi goddam- nina simone (nina simone in concert)

the three evils of society (may 10th 1967)- dr. martin luther king jr.

on the corner/new york girl/thinkin' of one thing doin' another/vote for miles

helen butte/mr. freedom x

black satin- miles davis (on the corner)

way of life

traveling this earth

black butte- lakota thunder (way of life)

for the world to live columbus must die- elder russel means (april 27th 1992)

exerpt from berkeley lecture 1971- sun ra

help i'm a rock- the mothers of invention (freak out)

tomorrow never knows- quasimoto (the further adventures of lord quas) 

james baldwin on dick cavett show may 16th 1969

if i had my way i'd burn the building down- blind willie johnson (the complete blind willie johnson)

fight the power- public enemy (fear of a black planet)

fred hampton speech 

lockdown- anderson paak (lockdown single)

this is america- childish gambino (this is america single)

otherside of america- meek mill (otherside of america)

exerpt from the ballot or the bullet- malcolm x april 12th 1964

the revolution will not be televised- gil scott heron (the revolution will not be televised)

save the children- dirty dozen brass band (what's going on)

all power to the people- joe savage and the soul people

say it loud - i'm black and i'm proud- james brown (say it loud - i'm black and i'm proud)

people don't get what they deserve- sharon jones and the dap-kings (give the people what they want)

(for god's sake) give more power to the people- the chi-lites (for god's sake give more power to the people)

it's my life i'm fighting for- leon thomas (full circle)

misrepresented people- stevie wonder (bamboozled soundtrack)

i can't breath- h.e.r. (i can't breath single)

a change is gonna come- sam cooke (ain't that good news)

young, gifted and black- aretha franklin (young, gifted and black)

what's going on/mercy mercy me (the ecology)- rahsaan roland kirk (blacknuss)

what's going on 

mercy mercy me (the ecology)- marvin (what's going on)

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