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Mark Mushin "One Step Ahead Of The Blues"

Original Aired:
Monday, October 7th, 2019
7:00AM to 9:00AM

2 hours

Monday, October 7th, 2019 7:01AM



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Episode: One Step Ahead of the Blues with Mark Mushin


Playlist Title: One Step Ahead of the Blues
DJ Name: Mark Mushin
Playlist Start Date: Oct 7, 2019
Playlist Start Time: 7:00 AM
Playlist End Time: 9:00 AM
Episode Description: <p>A Celebration of Indigenous Musicians.<br></p>

7:00 AM Kelly's Lot "Alyssa" from Can't Take My Soul on Kelly's Lot

7:05 AM Redbone "Jerico" from The Essential Redbone on Epic/Legacy

7:09 AM Redbone "Already Here (Brujo)" from Already Here (Bonus Track Version) on Legacy Recordings

7:19 AM AIRO (featuring Brule') "Ghost Dance" from Tatanka on Buffalo Moon Records

7:25 AM Graywolf Blues Band "Let Me Be" from Warrior on A.S.O Music Publishing

7:29 AM Graywolf Blues Band "Little Sky" from Dancing in the Rain on A.S.O. Music Publishing

7:32 AM Keith Secola "Kokopelli Blues" from Native Americana-A Coup Stick on Keith Secola

7:35 AM Kelly Montijo Fink "Identity (War Cry)" from Songs of War & Victory on Spirit Wind Records

7:42 AM Jan Michael Looking Wolf "Way of the Gun" from Tonight on Spirit Wind Records

7:47 AM Xit "Christopher Columbus" from Relocation on SOAR (Sound Of America Records)

7:53 AM Xit "Nihaa Shil Hozho (I Am About You)" from Plight Of The Bedmen on Akarma

8:02 AM Plateros "Where Would I Be" from Hang On on Plateros

8:08 AM Plateros "Changin'" from Hang On on Plateros

8:12 AM Blackfire "[Silence] Is A Weapon" from [Silence] Is A Weapon (double disc album) on Tacoho

8:16 AM Blackfire "NDN/Alien" from [Silence] Is A Weapon (double disc album) on Tacoho

8:22 AM Sean Pinchin "Bad Things" from Bad Things on Sean Pinchin

8:29 AM Micki Free "Wounded Knee (Warrior Version)" from American Horse on Native Music Rocks

8:35 AM Micki Free Electric Blues "Tattoo Burn" from Tattoo Burn on Livewire

8:39 AM Indigenous "Dark Days" from Vanishing Americans on Shrapnel Records, Inc.

8:47 AM Indigenous "Healers" from Gray Skies on Blues Bureau International


Show: Mark Mushin "One Step Ahead Of The Blues"

I am on the 1ST, 3RD and 5TH Monday mornings from 7-9AM. I feature the latest releases in modern blues and rock. The name "One Step Ahead Of The Blues" is for 3 reasons. The first being it's a line from the song Alyssa, which is about my precious Angel who has returned to heaven. It's a song written by Kelly Z and the line is "she was never behind she was one step ahead of the blues". The second reason is I feature some songs that are pre-released. The third is we have several GREAT shows on WPKN featuring the best in old blues...Antique Blues with Bill and Joan Nolan, Blues In The Evening with Blues Bob Shapiro and Al Bell and sometimes a great fill in with Collette Rosignol and last but certainly not least Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame inductee Mark Naftilin. With them playing it old school I figured I would stay one step ahead of the blues!!!!

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