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Tag: 12.04.23: Counterpoint host Scott Harris discusses the Dark Legacy of Henry Kissinger; GOP's Latest Threat to Social Security & Medicare; Biden Pays Price for Embrace of Israel's Deadly Gaza Attack; Prospects for Progress on Climate Crisis at COP 28
Tag: 01.03.22: Counterpoint host Scott Harris discusses the urgent fight to preserve voting rights; Resolving Russia-US confrontation over Ukraine; Challenges ahead for Chile's new progressive president & Candidate Muad Hrezi challenges CT Rep. John Larson
Tag: 12.27.21: Counterpoint host Scott Harris discusses Joe Manchin's opposition to Biden's Build Back Better plan; Chile's historic presidential election; Book examines the 'privatization of everything'; How dark money bought a Supreme Court seat
Tag: 06.28.21: Counterpoint host Scott Harris talks about voter suppression with West Virginia activists; Continuing voter purges in Georgia; Former Rep. Dennis Kucinich on his early career battles in Cleveland & Chileans now working on a new constitution
Tag: Counterpoint host Scott Harris discusses the formal launch of the House impeachment inquiry; Examining the US history of meddling in Ukraine; Understanding the root cause of Chile's massive protest movement & Assessing the fascist threat in the Trump era
Tag: 10.28.19: Counterpoint host Scott Harris discusses new public banking legislation in California; Latin America protests austerity & inequality; Deciphering new phase of Syrian war; New report documents FBI surveillance of progressive groups