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Love & Communication

Original Aired:
Friday, December 18th, 2020
10:05PM to 2:00AM

3 hours, 55 minutes

Friday, December 18th, 2020 10:08PM

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Episode: Love and Communication with Michelle Morgan


1. A Hero's Death-- Fontaines D.C.

2. Hunger for a Way Out-- Sweeping Promises

3. Dandelion-- Pintandwefall

4. Titanic-- Pintandwefall

5. Soft Shape-- Empath

6. The Hustle-- Kiltro

7. Advisory Committee-- Mirah

8. Feel The Way I Want-- Caroline Rose

9. See a Light-- Palehound

10. Went to LA-- Frances Quinlan

11. Love is at the End of the World-- Basia Bulat

12. Marbles-- Snarls

13. No Doubt in My Mind, Pt. 1 (feat. Matilda Wiezell)-- MANKIND

14. Fire-- Waxahatchee

15. Overtime-- U.S. Girls

16. Baby Don't Go-- Katie Von Schleicher

17. Ahomale-- Combo Chimbita

18. Crying Shame-- Jennifer Castle

19. stain-- Soccer Mommy

20. Loner-- DEHD

21. Nothing is Busted-- Bonnie "Prince" Billy

22. Hard to Kill-- Bleached

23. This Perfect Day (feat. Amyl and The Sniffers)-- Tropical Fuck Storm

24. Resisto Y Ya-- Lido Pimienta

25. Heavy Balloon-- Fiona Apple

26. Newspaper-- Fiona Apple

27. Free of the Feeling-- Jesca Hoop

28. Best Life-- Cheekface

29. Magnificent-- Toulouse

30. Wake Up-- Lee Fields & The Expressions

31. Wonder-- Lomelda

32. On the Floor-- Perfume Genius

33. Quiet Storm-- Soko

34. The Look You Gave-- Grace Cummings

35. For Sure-- Future Islands

36. Temple-- Thao & The Get Down Stay Down

37. Never the Same-- STRFKR

38. Disappear-- DEHD

39. I Never Get Lonesome-- Arthur Russell

40. Punisher-- Phoebe Briders

41. Forgot My Horse's Name-- Tenci

42. Olde Feelings-- Tonstartssbandht

43. Coming to Get You Nowhere-- This is the Kit

44. Here They Come-- Hamilton Leithauser

45. Campfire-- Kevin Morby

46. No-- Billy Nomates

47. One More Second-- Matt Berninger

48. Red Western Sky-- Muzz

49. dragon eyes-- Adrianne Lenker

50. Young on the Mountain-- Lia Ices

51. I Don't Belong-- Fontaines D.C. 

52. Cherry Jerry Citrus-- Hey Cowboy!

53. Boy/Girl-- Julian Casablancas & Jehnny Beth

54. Free Today-- Albertine Sarges

55. Freedom Feeling-- Laura Veirs

56. Viking Hair-- Dry Cleaning


Show: Love & Communication

Primarily Indie/Alternative/Americana/Dream-Pop/Folk-Pop/Folk/Punk/Post-Punk and Queer/POC/Women singers and musicians, but you'll never know for sure what I'll throw in the mix.

The name of my show comes from Cat Power


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