WPKN Archives: One Step Ahead Of The Blues with Mark Mushin (fill-in for Al Bell-- Blues In The Evening)

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Mark Mushin "One Step Ahead Of The Blues"

Original Aired:
Thursday, September 13th, 2018
8:00PM to 11:00PM

3 hours

Thursday, September 13th, 2018 8:00PM

mark mushin


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Episode: One Step Ahead Of The Blues with Mark Mushin (fill-in for Al Bell-- Blues In The Evening)

Fill in for Al Bell One Step Ahead Of The Blues (Music) with Mark Mushin 09/13/2018 08:00PM to 11:00PM 08:02PM-08:07PM (4:34) Kelly Z "Alyssa" from "Alyssa - Single" 08:07PM-08:11PM (4:04) Gina Sicilia "Angels Watching" from "Heard the Lie" (2018) on Blue Elan Records 08:11PM-08:16PM (5:12) Shari Puorto Band "All I Want is You (live)" from "Shari Puorto Band: Live at Bogie’s" (Rock) on Little Lightning Productions 08:16PM-08:20PM (3:47) Dana Fuchs "Callin' Angels" from "Love Lives On" (2018) on Get Along Records 08:20PM-08:23PM (3:33) Dana Fuchs "Love Lives On" from "Love Lives On" (2018) on Get Along Records 08:23PM Set break 08:27PM-08:34PM (6:59) Vargas blues band "Walking the Back Streets and Crying" from "King of Latin Blues" on WM Spain 08:34PM-08:37PM (3:21) Damon Fowler "Ain't Gonna Rock with You No More" from "The Whiskey Bayou Session" (2018) on Whiskey Bayou Records 08:37PM-08:44PM (7:29) Mick Kolassa "Ain't Nobody's Business (feat. Annika Chambers, Victor Wainwright, Gracie Curran, Sugaray Rayford, Erica Brown & Jeff Jensen)" from "Double Standards" on Swing Suit 08:44PM-08:51PM (6:38) Steve Krase Band "My Baby Walked Off" from "Just Waitin'" (Rock) on Connor Ray Music 08:51PM Set break — Andy Timmons Band - On Your Way Sweet Soul - Theme From A Perfect World background track 08:58PM-09:03PM (5:00) Scott Sharrard "Sentimental fool" from "Saving Grace" 08:59PM-09:05PM (6:08) Rory Block "I'm Down In the Dumps" from "A Womans Soul" 09:05PM-09:09PM (4:28) Cass Clayton "That's What They Say" from "Cass Clayton Band" 09:09PM-09:14PM (5:12) Rocky Athas "Need Your Love so Bad" from "Shakin' the Dust" on Cherryburst Records 09:14PM Set break 09:22PM-09:25PM (3:36) Lindsay Beaver "Too Cold to Cry" from "Tough As Love" 09:25PM-09:37PM (11:34) The Proven Ones "Loan Me a Dime" from "Wild Again" on Roseleaf Records 09:37PM-09:41PM (4:08) Marina Crouse "Touch of the Blues" from "Never Too Soon" on Little Village Foundation 09:41PM Set break 09:44PM-09:48PM (4:15) Waydown Wailers "Another Bump in the Road" from "Backland Blues" on Woodstock Records 09:48PM-09:53PM (4:41) Teresa James & The Rhythm Tramps "The Day the Blues Came to Call" from "Here in Babylon" (added 05/17/2018) on Jesi-Lu Records 09:53PM-09:57PM (4:31) Carolyn Fe "Wanna Say We're Through" from "Sugat Ko" (2018) on Production Carolyn Fe Inc. 09:57PM-10:00PM (2:48) Briana Buckmaster "Do I Move You" from "Begin" 10:00PM Set break 10:04PM-10:08PM (4:01) Colin James "Still a fool" from "Miles To Go" (2018) on Stony Plain Records 10:08PM-10:12PM (4:42) The Dodge Brothers "Shining Gold" from "Drive Train" 10:12PM-10:17PM (4:42) Samantha Martin & Delta Sugar "All Night Long" from "Run to Me" on Gypsy Soul Records/Fontana North 10:17PM-10:26PM (9:13) Anthony Geraci "The Last Goodbye" from "Why Did You Have to Go" 10:26PM Set break 10:29PM-10:33PM (3:51) Rebecca Haviland and Whiskey Heart "57 Chevy" from "Bright City Lights" (Rock, 2018) on Rebecca Haviland and Whiskey Heart 10:33PM-10:41PM (7:56) Vanessa Collier "Love Me Like A Man" from "Honey Up" on Phenix Fire Records 10:41PM-10:48PM (6:23) Jeff Jensen "Pretend Forevers" from "Wisdom & Decay" on Swingsuit Records 10:48PM-10:54PM (6:16) Crystal Sawanda "Wang Dang Doodle/Smokestack Lightnin"" from "Voodoo Woman"

Show: Mark Mushin "One Step Ahead Of The Blues"

I am on the 1ST, 3RD and 5TH Monday mornings from 7-9AM. I feature the latest releases in modern blues and rock. The name "One Step Ahead Of The Blues" is for 3 reasons. The first being it's a line from the song Alyssa, which is about my precious Angel who has returned to heaven. It's a song written by Kelly Z and the line is "she was never behind she was one step ahead of the blues". The second reason is I feature some songs that are pre-released. The third is we have several GREAT shows on WPKN featuring the best in old blues...Antique Blues with Bill and Joan Nolan, Blues In The Evening with Blues Bob Shapiro and Al Bell and sometimes a great fill in with Collette Rosignol and last but certainly not least Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame inductee Mark Naftilin. With them playing it old school I figured I would stay one step ahead of the blues!!!!

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