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Joseph Celli: My Other Music (MOM)

Original Aired:
Monday, December 28th, 2015
9:00AM to 11:55AM

2 hours, 55 minutes

Monday, December 28th, 2015 9:00AM

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Episode: Joseph Celli -- My Other Music

 1. Northern Cree Rockin’ The Rez
#1 Toots Skottin’ Boogie, 3:52, Canyon Records

2. Holmes Brothers: State of Grace
#3. What’s So Funny Bout Peace, Love & Understanding,

3. Medeski Martin & Wood: Radiolarians 1
#1. First Light, 8:29, Indirecto Records,

4. Tangos: Ruben Blades
#4. Pablo Pueblo, 4:35, Sunnyside Communications

5. Nihon Daiko Japanes Drums
#10. Joji Hirota, 8:18, ARC Music

6. Baaba Maal: Nomad Soul
#9. Yiriyaro (Percussion Storm), 4:12, Island Records

7. The Celestial Squid with Henry Kaiser & Roy Russell
#4. The Enumeration, 13:34, Cuneiform Records

8. Mbo Loza D’Gary
#7. Ragnandria, 2:42
#8. Kinanga, 3:29, Bleu Indigo Records

9. Gagaku
#3. Itchikotschuro, 1:59
#4. Genjoraku, 3:14 Nippon Columbia FADE OUT

10. I Brought Him With Me: The Bllnd Boys of Alabama
#5. Listen to the Lambs, 4:58, House of Blues Records

11. Cesaria Evora: Voz d’Amor
#1. Isolada, 5:27, Bluebird Records

12. Cesaria Evora: Voz d’Amor
#11. Pomba, 3:21, Bluebird Records

13. Esta Plena: Miguel Zenon
#1. Vailla Palmeros, 7:05, Marsalis Music

14. New York Counterpoint: Steve Reich
#2. Slow, 2:44
#3. Fast, 3:22, Nonesuch

15. Zydeco Two-Step: Tony Delafose
#5. Try To Tell Me, 5:05, Mardi Gras Records

16. Room: Nels Cline & Julian Lage
#1. Abstract, 12, 1:48
#2. Racy, 3:43, Mack Avenue Records

17. Super Rail Band
#4. Niamatoutou Kono, 5:27, Label Bleu

18. Traditional Music of Laos
#1. Phu Thao, 5:28, Smithsonian Folkways Records

19. David Murray & the Gwo-Ka Masters with Pharoah Sanders                                                                                    #8. Gwotet radio edit, 6:22, Justin Time Records

20. Sounds & Cries of the World: Jen Shyu & Jade Tongue
#4. Moxa, 3:36, Pi Records

21. Medeski Martin & Wood
#4. Professor Nohair, 7:33, Indirecto Records

22. I Brought Him With Me: The Blind Boys of Alabama
#10. Walking Jersulaem, 3:33, House of Blues

23. Ornette Coleman: This Is Our Music
#12. Humpty Dumpty, 5:20, Atlantic Records

Show: Joseph Celli: My Other Music (MOM)

 Host Joseph Celli presents a program of music from Japan/Okinawa, Korea, China, Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Tibet, Mongolia & elsewhere in Asia. Included with the traditional court, folk & religious music are occasional interviews with Asian musicians, World Premieres, and historical context about the music, musicians & instruments.

Celli said, “Unfortunately, we tend to think of Asia as being homogeneous but it actually has more musical diversity and individuality than most places in the world.” Programs range from the overtone singing of Tuva to the ecstatic Gamelan of Indonesia, and the elegant court music of Korea, Japan & Cambodia. Information about upcoming concerts of Asian music, exhibitions & an occasional undiscovered spicy restaurant are all part of the fun.

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