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Mike Horyczun hosts an evening drive time radio show on WPKN from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. on the 1st (and occassional 2nd) Wednesday of every month. Mike is part of the WPKN All Stars rotation that includes Mike Zeeto (3rd Wednesday) and Rod Ross (4th Wednesday). He enjoys sharing all kinds of music on his program, plus live in-studio performances and interviews. Folk, country, rock, jazz, blues, fusion, bluegrass, singer-songwriters, and world music get thrown into the mix, with new and old favorites always on hand. Expect to hear heavy doses of guitars and the contemporary singer-songwriter sounds coming out of Nashville and Austin, TX.

Mike Horyczun
has been a fan of WPKN just about all his life. He listened to WPKN growing up, and he was thrilled to be able to get involved and host his own radio show. He’s enjoyed the privilege of being on-the-air for a number of years now, and he’s also served on the WPKN Board of Directors as Program Director and Music Director. Mike is an established singer-songwriter and has played his originals at music capitals all over the country, like Nashville, Austin, and New York. He's also an established music journalist (thehour.com) and media relations expert specializing in museums and galleries, higher education, and the performing arts.

Mke recently had the pleasure of having his daughter Lia, pictured here, say “hi” over the air. You never know who’ll be dropping in. Stay tuned and find out.


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