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started at the bottom, got 3/4 of the way up and got out while it was still fun. Before that, I...

played football with Bob Marley in Battersea Park

slow danced with Marianne Faithfull to Patsy Cline's 'I Fall To Pieces' at Kevin's in Jackson Heights

celebrated Oktoberfest with Björk and the Sugarcubes in Reykjavik

got yelled at on my answering machine then hugged by Lou Reed on Greene St.

visited Yellowman in hospital only to find him 'entertaining' 4 ladies

accidentally trod on Mick Jagger's foot once at a party for the Faces

thinks Lemmy is the last living TRUE rock and roll star

was given a mother-of-pearl-handled flick-knife by Danny Gatton

took Andrew Eldritch shooting on Murray St, and he introduceed me to the caipirinha in Hamburg

feels Billy Bragg is right about most things except West Ham United

thinks Rubén Blades and Dyanne Thorne should run things

went to Disneyland with Robert Smith

first saw Eraserhead at the Cinema Village, E.12th St at a midnight showing.

did a favour for Iggy and got the handwritten lyrics to 'I Wanna Be Your Dog' in return

loves Eddie Cochran, Suicide, Joey Ramone, Chuck Berry and Vicky (not necessarily in that order)

rates Mickey Newbury as the best singer, ever

supports local artists (but only if they're any good)

thinks just because you CAN doesn't mean you SHOULD make records

always enjoyed eating Japanese food with John Lydon

changed my perspective at the Stooges at King's Cross Cinema, 1972 and Burning Spear at the Rainbow, 1977

owes it all to JA, Andrew Lauder, Richard Williams, DB, the Kras, Herb & Jerry

met Muhammad Ali and Pele but never got to meet John Lennon or Keith Moon

owns Buddy Holly's birth certificate

prefers grilled kidneys to salad

and can be heard the 1st & 3rd Friday of the month, 1-4pm