WPKN Archives: War of the Worlds An A-List Special Edition

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The A-List

Original Aired:
Monday, October 31st, 2016
3:08AM to 4:25AM

1 hour, 17 minutes

Tuesday, November 1st, 2016 11:24PM

sound jazz free halloween noise avant garde collage


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Episode: War of the Worlds An A-List Special Edition

 metal machine music- lou reed (metal machine music)

it is forbidden- sun ra (live at the ann arbor jazz festival in exile 1974)

gothenburg- spoldon siegel (three euro breakfast) https://sheldonsiegel.bandcamp.com/

neccessary freedom- new big band direction (neccessary freedom)  https://newbigbanddirection.bandcamp.com/releases 

the new anthem

the place in space

foriegner in a free land

silver screen- ornette coleman (skies of america)

sleeping in a jar- frank zappa (uncle meat)

killed by the bullet of circumstance- perouse (drowning wind and the drone of restless livestock)  http://jujufrootcoop.bandcamp.com/album/drowning-wind-and-the-drone-of-restless-livestock

darmstadt- spoldon siegel (three euro breakfast)

out there- eric dolphy (out there)

our bizzare relationship- frank zappa (uncle meat)

serene- eric dolphy

a lean and tortured heart- paul flaherty and chris corsano



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